After studying journalism at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, in Belgium, I quickly specialized in the development aid sector. As a print journalist, I worked for ten years for various NGOs and international institutions. I have thus carried out numerous reports in development countries, in particular for the magazine Le Courrier ACP-UE (Rwanda, Chad, Haiti, Mali, ...).

In 2002, I left to live for 4 years in Benin, in Africa. As a journalist but also more and more as a photographer, I mainly worked on the fight against child trafficking, in particular with Unicef ​​and local NGOs.

If photography has always been a passion for me, the documentary part of the images quickly became my preference. It was in particular during various reports in the countries of the South that photography became as important as the text. During my stay in Indonesia, from 2006 to 2010, my work was almost exclusively photographic, as evidenced by my book, One day in Jakarta, where images have replaced text.

In Indonesia, I made also various missions for Médecins du Monde, notably in Papua.

I returned to Belgium in 2010 and I immediately worked in the contemporary dance sector, in partnership with Charleroi / Danses. This report was the subject of an exhibition during its Biennale, in November 2011. I worked regularly with many choreographers and dancers, contemporary but also from urban dance.

I also carry out a vast work on the portrait, in particular with dancers. And carries out numerous photo reports during cultural events.

This recent years I went on working with NGO's in Brussels. I particularly worked on single mothers issues and families in difficulty.

Since October 2020 I live in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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